Attendance Award Ideas and Wording

Attendance Award Ideas

Recognizing individuals for attendance at work, seminars, and other important events.

Many organizations have individuals that haven't missed a day of work, attended an important meeting or seminar, or participated in an important industry event. Recognizing these individuals for their commitment is a great way of reinforcing this level of behavior going forward.

While most would agree that you don't necessarily want to encourage folks to come to work sick as this will only affect others in the organization in a negative way. However, it goes without saying that someone with perfect attendance deserves some positive recognition.

These kinds of awards shouldn't come before awards for achievement of important goals, but can be easily added to an awards program as a nice way of showing support to team members for their dedication and contributions.

We have seen clients use a wide variety of glass, plaque, crystal and gift ideas for these types of awards.

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Attendance Award Wording

Start by thinking about the basic information for your awards, the “5 W’s”.

The 5ws of Attendance Award Wording

Here are some additional ideas for wording your Attendance Awards:

1. Option for Wording Your Attendance Awards

In Recognition


Recipient Name


Attendance and Participation

At Event Name

Company Name/Logo


2. Option for Wording Your Attendance Awards

Company Name/Logo


Recipient Name




Event Name


3. Option for Wording Your Attendance Awards

Company Name

Perfect Attendance


Presented to


In appreciation for your

Dedication and Commitment

4. Option for Wording Your Attendance Awards

In Appreciation

For Your Participation

At the Year

Event or Meeting Name

Recipient Name


5. Option for Wording Your Attendance Awards

Company Name

Attendance Award



For # Years

Of Perfect Attendance

Thank you for your

Outstanding Dedication