Success Award and Gift Ideas and Wording

Success Award Ideas

Recognize employees, teams or departments for their success.

It’s important to celebrate successes in your organization.  And recognizing the efforts of the people that contributed to that success goes a long way in building morale and building a strong and resilient team for the future.

Success awards are given when employees or teams meet major sales goals, reach a certain level of achievement (might be reaching a certain number of products sold, or reaching a milestone number like 1,000,000 units shipped), when the company breaks into a new market, or a big project has been completed. Sometimes it’s’ an acquisition that the firm has made or surpassing a competitor in sales, geographic market or size.

Success awards become great reminders of a difficult challenge that the organization successfully met. These awards will elicit smiles and laughs as employees recount the events that led up to the success (“remember when we….and the laughter will begin…).

This is a great opportunity for management to take a step back and celebrate the achievements of the organization.

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Success Awards and Gift Wording Ideas.

Outline the basic information you'd like on the award, also known as the 5 W's.

Five questions to answer when wording your success recognition awards

Here are some options to get you started. Call us if you need additional help

1. Option for Wording your Success Awards.

S_ccess isn’t possible with U!!!!

Thanks for your dedication.

Recipient Name


Company Name

2. Option for Wording your Success Awards.

Company Logo

Recipient Name


You are a big part of the reason why

We are successful.

Thank you for all you do!

3. Option for Wording your Success Awards.

It’s Time to Celebrate

Our Success..

And we wouldn’t be where we are

Without Your contributions.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment

Recipient Name


Company Logo

4. Option for Wording your Success Awards.

Recipient Name


Company Logo

Thanks for your help in

Making Project Name

A Success!

5. Option for Wording your Success Awards.

Success Feels Good!

And you should be proud

Of your contributions to this Year’s Goal.

Thanks for making it happen.

Recipient Name

Start Date – End Date

6. Option for Wording your Success Awards.

We did it!!!

Thank you for your contributions

To the reaching of “Year” Goals!


Company Logo