Corporate Focus


Awarding You is focused on meeting the recognition product needs of corporate and association clients.

  • We don't engrave products for consumer use (like baby gifts, Christmas ornaments and grooms gifts).
  • We don't carry an extensive line of sports trophies for elementary and high school sports team events (like trophies for the swim team, debate club and scholastic teams).
  • We don't carry awards and trophies for small community groups (like bowling teams, cub scouts, and skating groups).

Truthfully, there are many companies in the US that can handle the requirements of those types of groups much better than we can.

Our expertise and capabilities are centered on helping organizations create recurring award and gift programs for a wide variety of events and milestones like Years of Service Awards, Retirement Gifts, Departmental Initiatives, Sales Awards, New Product Launches, Company Anniversaries, Annual Member Galas, Board of Director Gifts and Annual Fundraisers.

Our manufacturing facilities are built to handle large volume requirements, fast turnaround and complex finishing requirements. Our design and engineering teams have expertise in creating high quality award designs that highlight logos and unique organization themes.

We understand budgets and timelines that work around fiscal guidelines, project and event deadlines, and complex approval requirements. We can handle orders with multiple shipping locations, including global ones. And we've built our systems and capabilities to make the whole process easy for our clients - easy to find a design your organization will love, easy to get the products when you need them, at the price point you're comfortable with, and with no surprises along the way.