Awarding You Provides High Quality Personalized Awards and Gifts

Awarding You is a leading manufacturer of corporate awards and executive gifts.

We design and produce an extensive line of stock, semi-custom, and custom products in crystal, glass, art glass, recycled glass, wood, marble and metal. We have been in business since 1993 and currently work with over 10,000 companies, associations, government entities, heath care organizations and academic institutions.

While we are ultimately a manufacturer, our real job is to help organizations recognize their staff in ways that will not only show their appreciation, but motivate and inspire individuals to continue their contributions. Every year we produce hundreds of thousands of awards recognizing sales teams, volunteers, board members, managers, Olympians, vendors, citizens, doctors, lawyers, presidents, actors, donors, heroes, and everyday citizens…people doing amazing work, reaching above and beyond, attaining new goals, serving with purpose, and accomplishing what often seemed impossible.

We've built our business on providing the best: the best products, the best quality, the best service.

This means listening to our customers’ requirements, continuing to expand our manufacturing capabilities and expertise, and by being willing to do what it takes. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and truly appreciate the faith that our clients have in us.

Mission Statement

To help organizations inspire and motivate their staff to reach new levels of success by designing and manufacturing a wide range of unique and memorable awards and gifts that recognize performance and contributions.


Markets Served

Awarding You currently works with over 14,000 organizations in a broad range of industries and markets.

  • Associations: Non Profits, For Profits, Trade, Health, Industry, Professional, Academic, Civic, General Business
  • Health Institutions: Hospitals, Clinics, Assisted Living Facilities, Outpatient Centers, Doctor Offices, Dentists Offices, eye Care Facilities, Rehabilitation Centers, Therapists, Surgical Centers, Nursing Homes, Hospices, Home Health Agencies
  • Academic Institutions: Colleges, Universities, Private Schools, Technical Schools, Vocational schools
  • Government-Military: Army, Air Force, Marine, Navy, Coast Guard, Local, Regional, State and Federal Agencies
  • Manufacturing: Chemical, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, White Goods, Electrical Components, Machine Tool, Metals, Fluids, Mining, Forming and Cutting, Paper Products, Rubber and Plastic Processing, Equipment Manufacturing, Textile Manufacturing, Coatings, Analytic Instrumentation, Packaging, Consumer Goods
  • Power-Utility: Natural Gas, Electrical, Oil and Gas, Alternative Energy, Water, Nuclear
  • Transportation: Auto, Truck, Rail, Bus, Shipping Companies, RV manufacturing, Airline, Aerospace, Fire & Rescue, Marine, Off-highway
  • Telecom-Data: Cable, Satellite, Mobile Phone, Datacenter
  • Hospitality: Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Restaurants
  • Services: Accounting, Financial, Advertising/Marketing Agencies, Real Estate, Mortgage, Brokerage, Architecture, Construction, Printing

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Awarding You is committed to your total satisfaction.

We work hard to insure that our ordering process, product quality, packaging and delivery will meet all your expectations. We've spent the last 20 years improving our systems, and perfecting our manufacturing processes. Our team is experienced and focused on delivering and exceeding expectations.

If you look at our Testimonials page, you'll see that we regularly get feedback from customers to let us know we're doing a good job. But we're also human. And we have made a mistake or two during those 20 years.

So, if you aren't satisfied, we want to know as soon as possible. We'll make every effort possible to make it right. And if we can't, we'll refund your order. You have our word on it.



We have a strong track record of innovation and manufacturing excellence with crystal, glass, wood, and art glass award and gift products.

Specifically, we have significant expertise in a number of key areas that have contributed to our success, including our innovative manufacturing, paint fill processes, packaging, shipping, and supply chain management.

This expertise has been developed through the combination of qualified technical staff, qualified vendor partners, and a commitment to continuous improvement. However, we don't believe in resting comfortably on past successes. We believe that there are always new challenges to conquer that will allow us to improve our company and offer more to our clients.


In-House Manufacturing

Awarding You is focused on designing and producing unique, high quality awards and gifts. To do that we have focused on developing a robust and integrated manufacturing operation.

This allows us to control all aspects of the process which contribute to quality, cost, and production time. We operate a lean manufacturing facility, with the flexibility to meet customer requirements for any quantity and any timeline.

We have developed core competencies in the design, manufacture and finishing of crystal, glass, and wood products. However, we don't believe in resting on those laurels. We are continually striving to develop additional capabilities and expertise that will allow us to expand our product line, reduce costs, and provide better services to our customers.

Here is an overview of the in-house capabilities and expertise we have:

  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design
  • Laser Engraving
  • Mechanical Engraving
  • Sand blasting
  • Laser Etching
  • Color Sublimation
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Painting
  • Color Fill
  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • Die cutting
  • Fulfillment
  • Packaging
  • Global Shipping

We love visitors, and would welcome scheduling a tour of our facility for you or any members of your staff.



Awarding You has developed extensive manufacturing processes and controls that allow us to produce orders with quantities from one unit to several thousand units. 

Since our early days, we have focused considerable effort and resources on the development of our design, engineering, manufacturing, finishing, packaging and shipping capabilities to meet client requirements. This focus has provided us with considerable expertise for producing high quality products, fast turn around, flexibility to handle all size orders, and complex finishing requirements.

Through the years, we have expanded our facilities three times to meet the growing needs of our customers. These expansions have provided us with additional room for production equipment, warehouse and inventory space, additional sales and marketing staff, and expanded packaging and shipping departments. It is highly likely that we will be expanding several more times in the near future as we continually assess new technologies and expand to meet those new requirements.

Because our manufacturing facilities are flexible, we can offer services to meet any size order:

  1. Prototype and sampling needs
  2. Custom designed products
  3. Large volume runs
  4. Orders with a wide variety of products and finishing requirements
  5. Complex packaging requirements
  6. Multi-location global shipping requirements
  7. Palletized shipments

No matter what your requirements, Awarding You has the capacity and expertise to handle a wide variety of order types and sizes. And as your requirements grow and change, you can be assured that Awarding You will partner with you to meet those needs.


Community Outreach

We regularly support charitable programs and activities that promote the well-being and quality of life for our employees and invest in the communities where our employees live and work.

We believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help where and when we can. Much of our corporate giving program is focused on literacy programs, with the strong belief that education is central to the healthy growth of individuals and communities.

In addition, our management team and employees can be found regularly giving their time, talent and resources to a wide variety of community groups and associations focused on education, health and youth activities.

Some of the organizations we support include: ProLiteracy, Literacy DuPage, a wide range of local elementary school running programs, Autism Speaks, School Association for Special Education in Dupage County (SASED), Western Dupage Special Recreation Association, American Heart Association, Dupage Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS), Sheila A. Doyle Foundation.

Please contact us with any questions. 


Company History

National Engravers, Inc. entered the award and recognition business in 1993.

The company was founded in the owner’s basement (literally... a desk, a chair, a computer, a phone, some industry knowledge, good connections, a map, a list of local businesses, some Advil, and a dream). His goal was to be the largest awards and recognition products supplier to businesses in the Chicago suburbs where he lived.

  • 1997. Outgrew the company's “underground location” and purchased the first building for the business, in Warrenville, IL. At that point, the business has 125 customers and 1 employee, the owner (who answered the phones, made the product, handled shipping, washed the windows, and swept the floors).
  • 1998. Acquired All-Star Engraving (established 1954) 3 employees.
  • 1999. Began producing all glass and crystal engraving in-house with the purchase of the company’s first laser engraver.
  • 2000. Acquired a small ceramic and glass decorating business allowing the company to offer decorated glass with color. Ordered the second laser engraver.
  • 2002. Introduced the company’s first in-house designed line of products under the Cristalique and Optique brands. Acquired Elite Engraving (established 1959) allowing the company to expand their customer base outside of Illinois. Launched www.awardingyou.com giving the company a national presence. First global shipments for clients.
  • 2004. Purchased a larger manufacturing facility and moved the company headquarters to Winfield IL. 10 employees.
  • 2007. Launched first Company Store for large, multi-location client.
  • 2008. Acquired Wheaton Trophy (established 1972). Added additional manufacturing equipment to expand in-house services. Converted the business software system to a fully integrated MRP system. 18 employees. Launched Running Awards, a division of awards focused on the running events market.
  • 2010. Reached the 5000 customers mark. 24 employees.
  • 2011. Introduced LEAN manufacturing to our business model. 30 employees.
  • 2013. Our 20th anniversary! We expanded our manufacturing facilities with a larger location in IL. Reached 8000 customer mark about mid year.
  • 2014. Purchased the assets of Ostrom Metal and Glass Works in OR (established in 1974) and combined that organization with our manufacturing facility in IL. Reached our 10,000 customer mark right at the end of the summer. Added high volume screen printing capabilities to the IL manufacturing location. Purchased the assets of Expression Wear Screenprinting (established in 1992). Now at 42 employees.
  • 2015. Purchased the assets of Creative Awards in Beloit, WI and combined this with our facilities in IL to expand our manufacturing capabilities. Reached the 13,000 customer level in mid-year.
  • 2017. Running Awards changes it's name to Running Awards and Apparel as their apparel division sales exceeds expectations and becomes a significant part of the company's product offering. Reached 14,000 customer level.
  • 2018. Moved our Winfield, IL headquarters and West Chicago, IL production facility under one roof in St. Charles, IL. Purchased assets of Pelucida Glass, LLC of Rochester, NY. Continue to service Pelucida Glass customers, producing artisan and commissioned corporate awards in our Midwest manufacturing location.
  • 2019. Acquired B.Gunther & Company, Lisle, IL. Relocated the B.Gunther staff and equipment to our St. Charles, IL location.

About National Engravers, Inc.

National Engravers, Inc. entered the award and recognition business in 1993 and designs, manufactures and finishes glass, crystal, wood, marble products that are used in the award and gift industry.

Starting as, literally, a “one man operation” the company has grown steadily every year by expanding operations to meet the changing needs of its customers.

Key elements in the National Engravers, Inc. business strategy:

  1. Leading edge technology: Investing in the best technology provides consistent quality, to provide a wide range of products, and to produce products quickly to meet client timelines.
  2. Lean manufacturing: Continuous improvements on processes, techniques and strategies in manufacturing, finishing, transportation, design and inventory have allowed the company to reduce waste and increase efficiency
  3. In-house design and engineering: Developing innovative semi-custom and custom product lines and developing new finishing techniques allows the company to offer a wide variety of unique products to the market.
  4. In-house finishing: Vertical integration provides process control, quality assurance, and fast turnaround times allowing the company to provide superior quality and service to customers.

In 2002, National Engravers, Inc. launched Awarding You, a division focused on supplying unique, high quality awards and gifts for the corporate, association, government and institutional markets. Awarding You currently has over 13,000 clients, including many of the Fortune 1000. Their products ship to all 50 states, and over 50 countries worldwide.

In 2010, National Engravers, Inc. launched Running Awards and Apparel, a division focused on supplying unique and high quality awards for 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon, triathlon and extreme marathon markets. To date, Running Awards and has created race medals, category awards, volunteer gifts, sponsor plaques, for close to 5000 race events around the globe.

In 2017, Running Awards and Apparel was spun off into a separate company. Additional information can be found on their website www.runningawardsandapparel.com.

For more information about National Engravers, Inc., please contact us at 888-266-0240.