Awarding You Provides High Quality Personalized Awards and Gifts

Awarding You is a leading manufacturer of corporate awards and executive gifts.

We design and produce an extensive line of stock, semi-custom, and custom products in crystal, glass, art glass, recycled glass, wood, marble and metal. We have been in business since 1993 and currently work with over 10,000 companies, associations, government entities, heath care organizations and academic institutions.

While we are ultimately a manufacturer, our real job is to help organizations recognize their staff in ways that will not only show their appreciation, but motivate and inspire individuals to continue their contributions. Every year we produce hundreds of thousands of awards recognizing sales teams, volunteers, board members, managers, Olympians, vendors, citizens, doctors, lawyers, presidents, actors, donors, heroes, and everyday citizens…people doing amazing work, reaching above and beyond, attaining new goals, serving with purpose, and accomplishing what often seemed impossible.

We’ve built our business on providing the best: the best products, the best quality, the best service.

This means listening to our customers’ requirements, continuing to expand our manufacturing capabilities and expertise, and by being willing to do what it takes. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and truly appreciate the faith that our clients have in us.