Thank You Award and Gift Ideas and Wording

Thank You Award and Gift Ideas and Wording

Show Appreciation with Thank You Gifts for your Employees, Vendors or Customers.

Thank You gifts are a great way to recognize the efforts of your internal team and external partners. Whether it’s thanking a customer for their ongoing business with you, recognizing your top suppliers for their commitment to quality and service, or showing appreciation to the commitment of your staff, thank you gifts are an excellent option for an end of the year event.

Usually Thank You Awards are a variety of desktop and wall mount plaques and gift items that are engraved with your logo, a date, and a ‘thank you sentiment” appropriate to the group it’s being given to. Sometimes these come from the management team, sometimes from the President, the Board of Directors, or even “your friends at ABC organization” when you want to include the whole organization.

Sometimes a letter with be included with these awards that goes into more details about the reason for the gift and the importance of the partnership. Often, thank you awards will be an annual project and are done at a specific time, such as the end or beginning of a fiscal year. But we have also seen many thank you gifts given after a successful fundraiser, after the completion of a major project, or when a significant milestone is met like a 25-year anniversary.


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Thank You Award Wording and the 5 W's

The 5 W's
Who is being recognized?
Gretchen Long
What is the name of the award?
Thank You for Your Unwavering Commitment to
Where is the event or organization?
TriCounty Family Services
When is the timeframe for the award?
Why are you giving the award?
We can't imagine our organization without you!

Thank You Award Wording Ideas

1. Option for Thank You Award Wording

Thank You for All You’ve Done
We could not have achieved success without You.
Recipient Name

Chad Crystal Clock

2. Option for Thank You Award Wording

Company Logo
Recipient Name
Taking this Opportunity to Thank You
For Going Above and Beyond.
We Truly Appreciate Your Contributions.

All My Heart Red Art Glass Award

3. Option for Thank You Award Wording

Thank You!!
We truly value the dedication and contributions
You've made to the success our organization.
You are a big part of what makes us special!
Recipient Name

Blue Revel Crystal Award

4. Option for Thank You Award Wording

We wanted you to know that your
Hard work and dedication have
Truly made a difference.
Thank you for being part of our team!
Recipient name

Steamer Glass Award

5. Option for Thank You Award Wording

Our greatest assets are the people on our team.
Thank You for all you’ve done!!
Your hard work has made all the difference.
Recipient Name

Loop Crystal Tower Awards

6. Option for Thank You Award Wording

Thank You For Making It Happen!
Your contributions have all the difference
In Making Us Successful!
Recipient Name
Company Logo

Aldona Crystal Vase Award on Base
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  • Art Proofs
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  • Personalization
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