Top Spot Crystal Award

Sales Award Ideas and Wording

Sales Representatives are the "Rain Makers" in an Organization, Cultivating New Opportunities While Building on Existing Relationships.

Sales Awards are the most common award given by companies to recognize the team that helps drive top line revenue and growth. Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Performance Award recognition is something every salesperson looks forward to achieving during his or her career.

Sales Awards can be given for many reasons, including: revenue growth over the previous year, attaining a particular level of revenue, customer retention numbers, new account acquisitions, margin/profit levels, success with selling a new product, revenue in a target market, expansion into a new market, penetration of a new geographic area, or major account growth overall.

Sales Awards can be given unique names to make them truly stand out. Here are a few examples of fun Sales Awards we’ve produced: The Road Warrior, The Rising Star, The Whatever It Takes Award, Sales Shark Award, Never Say Never Award, The No Really Means Maybe Award, The Consider It Done Award, Sales Hero, and Rainmaker Award.

Elite awards are typically presented to a team’s top sales performer, and are named accordingly: President's Award, Chairman's Circle Award, Pinnacle Award, Summit Award, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Sales Club are common ways we see this designation.


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Sales Awards and the 5 W's

The 5 W's
Who is being recognized?
Jan Johnson, Account Manager
What is the name of the award?
President's Circle Award
Where is the event or organization?
ABS Manufacturing
When is the timeframe for the award?
Why are you giving the award?
Attaining 110% of sales goal for the year

Sales Award Wording Ideas

1. Option for Sales Award Wording

Best in Sales
Presented to
Recipient Name
Company Name or Logo

Top Spot Crystal Awards

2. Option for Sales Award Wording

Presented to
Recipient Name
In Recognition of
Your Outstanding Accomplishment
In surpassing your Sales Quota
Company Logo

Calla Crystal Point Award

3. Option for Sales Award Wording

Sales Achievement Award
Presented to
Recipient Name
Outstanding Performance
In Sales in your Territory (Region, etc) Year

Lumberton UV Print Reclaimed Oak Plaque

4. Option for Sales Award Wording

Sales Achievement Award
3rd Quarter Sales
Recipient Name

Hudson Black Crystal Award

5. Option for Sales Award Wording

Presented to
Recipient Name
Welcome to the
Company Name
Million Dollar Club
Outstanding Sales Achievement

Willow Glass Tower Award

6. Option for Sales Award Wording

Sales Rep of the Year
Presented to
Recipient Name
In Honor of Your
Unparalleled Performance
Company Logo

Blaze Smoke Black and Clear Crystal Flame

7. Option for Sales Award Wording

Company Name
Recipient Name
As the
Outstanding Sales Performer
Excellent Work!

Compass Crystal Awards

8. Option for Sales Award Wording

Company Logo
Sales Excellence Award
Presented To
Recipient Name
For Exemplary Results
And Outstanding Performance

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