Company Stores

Company Stores

In 2007, Awarding You started offering Company Stores to our larger corporate and association clients, as a way for them to compile a set of branded awards and gifts in "one place" for their divisions and satellite offices.

Benefits of a Company Store:

  • Brand standards are maintained through out all locations. Individual locations do not have to try and locate corporate logos, color pallet information and brand guidelines. Awarding You takes care of all of this in the beginning of the project. We insure we have current logos, updated materials, and approved layouts. Corporate does not have to worry about rogue materials being generated in the field without their knowledge.
  • Fast turnaround times. Awarding You maintains inventory on the majority of the items available in the Company Store so that divisions can personalize and ship awards in approximately 5 days or less. While we certainly appreciate the longer lead times, we know that most of the divisions are operating in "I need it now" environment. We've built our processes to be able to meet those requirements.
  • Ease of use. With an online Company Store, divisions have easy access to the most up-to-date products and pricing. They can place orders when it's convenient for them.
  • Reduce Cost. By consolidating the purchases of all your divisions/groups, your organization will realize significant savings compared to all the individual purchases that were occurring before the Company Store implementation.
  • Save Time. Searching for the right products when they are needed can be time consuming, Now multiply that by each division and you have considerable time spent sourcing and dealing with the requirements to purchase at multiple companies. One Company Store, with a full array of products for your divisions, will save significant time that can be directed to organizational duties.
  • Low minimums. What happens when you only need one item, and the company you want to purchase has a dollar or quantity minimum? Either pay more than you had hoped, or go without? With a Company Store, you can order what you need, when you need it. Very low minimums, if any at all, on most items.

If your organization is interested in a Company Store, please contact our Customer Service team to discuss requirements and we'll outline a solution that will help you meet those needs.