Our Team

The Awarding You team is poised to make life easier for the admins and the organizers of the corporate world, and we've been doing just that since 1993.

Tell us about your award needs, and we’ll do everything in our power to help make your gift planning easy and your award presentations run smoothly. It's written throughout our daily goals; we will always put you first. Read about us and our goals here.

Awarding You Team


Customer Service, Art & Management

Brenda Gortowski Account Manager Sales Team Lead (2007)
Jan Lescher Account Manager (2012)
Annette Honquest Account Manager (2011)
Kathryn (Katie) Totheroh Account Manager (2018)
Bob BaristaKey Account Manager (2020)
Michelle Jefferson Account Manager (1997)
Amanda (Mandy) Lentz Artist & Product Development (2004)
Rippley Jacobson Artist (2012)
Rene Gonzales Artist (2014)
Jim Mondek Production Manager (2016)
Eric Krause Engraving Manager (2009)
Geri Mondek Accounting Manager (2003)
Jenna Hacker Purchasing Manager (2016)
Connie Ryan Purchasing Department (2019)
Steve Zorn Chief Operating Officer (2011)
Kathy Toynbee Marketing Manager (2014)
Marco Palandri Customer Relations/Quality Control (2022)
Greg Luke Account Manager (2022)
Erin Crawford Account Manager (2023)
Gary Tinker President (1993)