Packaging & Shipping

Over the past 20 years we've been manufacturing our products, we've perfected our packaging methods to ensure your awards arrive in beautiful condition, ready for your event or occasion.

There are two types of packaging for your awards: Individual Item Packaging, and Shipment Packaging.


Individual Packaging: Each Plaque, Award or Gift Item Is Packaged in Its Own Box.

  • Standard Packaging: Standard boxes come with most of our plaques, gift items, inexpensive and mid-range vases and bowls, and inexpensive glass and crystal awards. Standard packaging is typically a white trifold box.
  • Upgraded Packaging: A black trifold box is an upgrade to our standard white box. This is an inexpensive option for upgrading your award or gift if a box is important to your presentation.
  • Premium Packaging: Premium boxes are generally available with our more expensive crystal and glass awards.
  • Special Packaging: for many projects, our clients request special packaging, including boxes in a special color, velvet lining, your logo on the box, gift wrapping, or other special requirements.
Award and Gift Packaging Examples

Shipment Packaging: All Items Are Double Boxed for Shipment.

Small shipments: once your awards, plaques or gifts are packaged in their individual boxes, they will be packaged for shipment. Each individual award box is carefully bubble wrapped and placed in a larger box for shipment. The size of the shipment boxes depends on the size and number of units being shipped.

Large shipments: individual award packages are bubble wrapped and packaged in larger shipment boxes, and then palatalized for shipment. This method adds an extra level of protection and ensures that the entire shipment will arrive together.


Special Packaging Requests Include:

  • Shipping awards to individual recipient home addresses or office locations
  • Special labeling for individual award packaging
  • Adding letters/certificates to individual award packages
  • Grouping of award packages together for special presentation requirements, for example, perhaps there will be regional meetings with awards presentations, in addition to a national meeting with awards. If these events take place at the same location but on different days, we can package them separately to be delivered to a specific meeting room or location.

Please contact us with any questions about packaging for your awards and gifts 800-753-3384.


Through the years we have perfected our shipping methods to ensure that orders arrive on time, in excellent condition, and at reasonable costs.

We have options for US, global, palatalized, and a variety of special shipping situations. If you have any questions about shipping your order, please do not hesitate to contact our Awards Consultants for additional help.


How Long Does Shipping Take?

  • Standard Ground Shipments: Take 1 – 4 days to arrive in most US locations. Used on 75% of orders. Delivery for business locations is Monday-Friday. Delivery to home addresses is Tuesday-Saturday.
  • Expedited Air Shipments: Rush orders - We offer a variety of 2-day and overnight shipping options, depending on shipping locations and date required. There are also options for morning or afternoon deliveries.

Shipment Options: There Are Many Ways That Your Order Can Be Shipped. We Are Very Used to Special Shipping Requirements or Requests

  • All awards to one location – this might be a business facility or an event location.
  • Awards sent to multiple locations – when multiple locations are having an employee event, for example, there is a national meeting, and regional meetings (including global ones).
  • Each award sent to individual home addresses or office locations – often sample awards will be used at the main company event for photo purposes, then recipient awards will be shipped to homes or offices, so that no one need worry about transporting them home, after an event.
  • Palletizing large orders of awards – when there are many awards shipping to the same location, and a dock is available for palatalized shipments, this is the most cost-effective way to ship large orders. Palatalizing orders also reduces the risk of misplaced boxes for large orders.
  • Shipments outside of the US. FedEx International Priority will deliver in 1-3 business days and FedEx International Economy in 2-5 days. This time includes shipping and customs. Please inquire about whether your locations are in the countries where these services are available. In countries where these two services are not available, it can take up to 2 weeks to ship and go through customs.
  • All shipments outside of the US will incur additional charges for customs duties and taxes. These charges are not known until 4-6 weeks after shipment and can vary widely by country. We generally recommend that shipments outside of the US be completed on the customer’s FedEx account number.

Please contact us with any questions about shipping options for your awards and gifts 800-753-3384.