Project Completion Award and Gift Ideas and Wording

Project Completion Award and Gift Ideas and Wording

For many Organizations, the Recognition of an Individual or Company that has Made Significant Contributions to Charitable Organizations in the Community have Become Important Elements in their Awards Programs.

Every organization has undertaken a major project at some time that has tested a staff’s capabilities. It might be moving to a new operating system or launching a new product, it may be opening (or closing) a facility, or a myriad of other projects that have been vital to the growth and advancement of the organization.

As these projects come to completion, upper management wants to recognize the significant challenges that have been overcome, the individuals who made it happen, and a job well done.

These awards will mean a great deal to your team and will be a constant reminder of their contributions to the company. Employees will proudly display these in their cubicles and offices for years to come and will look back with a smile at the obstacles they worked to solve.

Recognition Awards will usually mention a project name, and many times these names are only known to the internal team. It might be a code name for an important new product that is being brought to market, or the overhaul of an outdated accounting system, or the acquisition of a new company and a product line that needs integration with another. (We’ve seen projects named after hurricanes, planets, Star Wars characters, cities, people, and Greek gods.)


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Project Completion Awards and the 5 W's

The 5 W's
Who is being recognized?
Mary Sue Brighton
What is the name of the award?
Delta Project Team
Where is the event or organization?
Rising Star Management
When is the timeframe for the award?
2020 Year End
Why are you giving the award?
Recognizing the Successful Completion of the Delta Project and the Successful Launch of the New Managed Services Division

Project Completion Award Wording Ideas

1. Option for Wording your Project Completion Awards

Project Name
Thank You for
For your hard work and dedication
To bringing this project
To a successful completion
Recipient Name
Company Name

Star Topper Acrylic Award

2. Option for Wording your Project Completion Awards

We Did It!!!
Project Name
Is Finished!!!
We couldn't have done this
Without you.
Recipient name
Company Name

Acadia Crystal Award

3. Option for Wording your Project Completion Awards

It's Time to Celebrate
A Job Well Done!!
Thanks for your help in
Making Project Name
A Success!
Recipient Name
Company Logo

Laurel Wreath Pewter Trophy Plate 9.4 in

4. Option for Wording your Project Completion Awards

Recipient Name
You Rock!!
We could not have completed
Project Name
Without You!
Thanks for all your hard work.
Company Logo

Luxor Awards

5. Option for Wording your Project Completion Awards

Company Logo
Project Name
Task Force/Team Member
Recipient Name
Start Date – End Date

Swell Art Glass Sphere Award - Clear Base

6. Option for Wording your Project Completion Awards

We did it!!!
Thank you for your contributions
To the successful completion of
Project Name
Company Logo

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