IT Department Awards

IT Department Award Ideas and Wording

Organizations are recognizing information technology (IT) departments and their achievements within awards programs.

The number and complexity of computer software and hardware tools that most organizations are now using continues to grow at an exponential pace. The team of individuals charged with helping your organization to utilize these tools to their greatest advantage and ensure all systems are up and functioning properly, are to be commended for their combined dedication and commitment.

Without these IT individuals and groups, most organization would be rendered useless. Just remember the last time your organization encountered a paralyzing system virus, or the VOIP lines went down in a storm. Whether your team is an IT department, a Network Services Team, a Database Group, Help Desk, or Information Services Group, recognizing them with an Award Program will go a long way in continued improvements and positive results from this department.

IT Awards may center on a variety of initiatives, metrics or achievements, such as platform migrations, new product or service introductions or successes, service expansion, the uniting of global systems, the overhauling of outdated systems, installations of new systems, ISO initiatives, uptime percentages, downtime reduction, internal or external customer satisfaction ratings, improvements in processing time, help desk improvements, or other such metrics.


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IT Department Award Wording and the 5 W's

The 5 W's
Who is being recognized?
Austin Texas Facility #12
What is the name of the award?
IT Heroes Award
Where is the event or organization?
Cole Datacenters
When is the timeframe for the award?
1st Quarter 2020
Why are you giving the award?
98% Network Uptime

IT Department Award Wording Ideas

1. Option for IT Department Award Wording

Company Logo
Information Services Award
Recipient Name
For Your Significant Efforts
To Reduce Downtime
At the Location/Facility Name

Natoma Flame Art Glass Award - Black

2. Option for IT Department Award Wording

Company Name
IT Rocks Award
Presented to
Recipient Name
Recognizing Your
Dedication and Commitment
To Improving Help Desk Response Times

Red Alder Award Plaques

3. Option for IT Department Award Wording

Company Logo
IT Global Task Force
Recipient Name
For Your Ideas and Input
On Improving Our Systems and Processes

Green Frosted Crystal Globe Award

4. Option for IT Department Award Wording

Company Name
IT Initiatives Team
Award for Most Significant Improvement
Presented to
Recipient/Team Name
For Maintaining 99.9% Uptime
For the Entire Year

Lumberton Reclaimed Oak Plaque

5. Option for IT Department Award Wording

Global IT Award
Presented To
For your Dedication and Commitment
To ISO 9001 Certification


6. Option for IT Department Award Wording

Company Logo
IT Success Awards
Presented to
Recipient Name
For Assisting with the
Platform Migration
Program Initiatives


7. Option for IT Department Award Wording

Company Name
IT Hero Award
Presented to
Recipient Name
In Recognition of
Your Dedication to
Amazing Help Desk Service


8. Option for IT Department Award Wording

Company Logo
IT Award
For Above and Beyond Service
Presented to
Recipient Name
100% Customer Satisfaction Level

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