Philanthropy Award Ideas and Wording

Philanthropy Award Ideas and Wording

For many Organizations, the Recognition of an Individual or Company that has Made Significant Contributions to Charitable Organizations in the Community have Become Important Elements in their Awards Programs.

Sometimes these awards are named after a founding member of the organization, significant member or employee from the firm's past, or a large contributor.

Some Philanthropy Awards are presented as thank you for a significant donation for a new facility, expansion, research grant or the addition of new and much needed equipment.

Philanthropy awards are given to celebrate the leadership of individuals and organizations who advance innovative solutions and demonstrate meaningful progress in a community, association, or other nonprofit organization. Philanthropy awards recognize individuals and leaders who give, advocate and volunteer for positive change. Many times, these awards will honor a corporation or a corporate foundation that demonstrates outstanding commitment through financial support, or through encouragement and motivation of others, to take leadership roles toward philanthropy and community involvement.

Often these awards are presented at an annual benefit or gathering for the organization. In addition to an individual being presented with an award, an additional plaque or duplicate award is often engraved to be displayed at the organization’s main office, either in the lobby or the main conference room. Here are some ideas and options for wording your Philanthropy Award.


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Philanthropy Award Wording and the 5 W's

The 5 W's
Who is being recognized?
Gary Ludlow
What is the name of the award?
Pass It Forward Award
Where is the event or organization?
Michaelson Manufacturing
When is the timeframe for the award?
Why are you giving the award?
For the giving of time, talent, and treasure to the Community of Lemont, Colorado

Philanthropy Award Wording Ideas

1. Option for Wording of a Philanthropy Award

Philanthropy Award
Presented To
Recipient Name
Recognizing Your
Contributions to
The Community/Organization
Thank You for Your
Selfless Acts of Kindness

Elizabeth Art Glass - Black Pyramid Base

2. Option for Wording of a Philanthropy Award

Organization Name
Philanthropy Award
Presented To
Recipient Name
Your Contributions Have
Been Notable and Are
Truly Appreciated

Hathaway Full-Color Plaque

3. Option for Wording of a Philanthropy Award

Organization Name
Philanthropy Award
Presented To
Recipient Name
For Your Dedication
And Contributions to Others

Mirador Green Crystal Award

4. Option for Wording of a Philanthropy Award

In Recognition Of
Recipient Name
For Your Philanthropic Efforts
To Better the Lives of Others
Company/Organization Name

Hampshire Pewter Trophy Plate

5. Option for Wording of a Philanthropy Award

The Organization Name
Philanthropy Award
Presented To
Recipient Name
You Are An Inspiration
To All That Know You.
Thank You for Making
A Difference.

Blue Crystal Star Award

6. Option for Wording of a Philanthropy Award

Recipient Name
Philanthropic Contributions
Presented by
Organization Name
Your Efforts Have
Touched Many

Roma Rosewood Plaque
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