Perpetual Awards

There are many reasons to add a perpetual award program to your organization, and there are many award themes for which these types of awards can apply.

Perpetual awards are often used by businesses that want to present the same award at certain time periods (such as every year, or each quarter), but need to recognize a different recipient each time.

Perpetual awards are typically displayed in highly visible areas, such as lobbies or conference/meeting rooms for viewers to admire and read. This can act as inspiration to others in an organization to strive for achievement so that he or she could be recognized on the perpetual award as well. The perpetual concept is used for awards such as: Employee of the Month, Top Sales, Safety Awards, and more.

We have a wide assortment of perpetual awards from which to choose, including plaques with engraved name plates, and trophies with engraving areas on the base. For custom perpetual awards, please contact us to discuss design options!