VIP Awards Program

What is the VIP Awards Program and why is it so popular?

The VIP (Value-in-Pre-purchasing) program is designed for organizations that need a designated set of customized awards to use in their monthly, quarterly, or annual recognition plans. The Value In-Pre-purchasing program provides volume discounts and premium fulfillment services. Currently, Awarding You has over 200 VIP partners who appreciate the efficiency and cost savings they experience with the program. With the VIP program you will see:

  • Significant cost savings.
  • Fast turnaround on all releases.
  • Availability of product when you need it.
  • Easy ordering process.

How does the VIP Awards Program work?

An Awarding Consultant we'll review your annual award needs, as well as any special requirements for packaging, fulfillment, and shipping. He or she will then outline a program to provide you with the following:

  • Low pricing with volume discounts on awards.
  • Flexible inventory and scheduled fulfillment plan.
  • Specified packaging of your awards.
  • Detailed shipping options and schedule that your award plan requires.

After the above is outlined, a single order is placed to fulfill your one to ten-year requirements, and then a series of procedures are implemented for your monthly, quarterly, and/or annual releases.

Once your VIP Program has been initiated, all components of your awards program will be inventoried in our warehouse. When you need awards and gifts for your events, we'll pull the components, assemble, and personalize the items per your instructions. These award releases are processed within one week of notification. Two-day and overnight processing is also available in many of the VIP Programs.

As units are pulled from your program, we'll track your usage to ensure that you have ample quantities to meet your ongoing needs. If additional product is needed, we'll work with you on replenishment well in advance of your needs.


Which awards are best suited for the VIP Program?

If your organization used the same awards and gifts year after year for your Sales, Years of Service, Retirement and Department Awards. Our VIP Awards Program is the perfect choice. You can choose from a wide variety of awards that can be inventoried and made ready to fulfill your specific program, whether you decide on plaques, glass, crystal, acrylic, trophies, or art glass awards.

If you are interested in a VIP awards program for your organization, please contact our Awards Consultants today: 855-910-8441.