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We Can Help With Wording Your Award Engraving

We would love to assist you with award ideas and the wording for your award project

While we are ultimately a manufacturer, our real job is to help organizations recognize their staff in ways that will not only show their appreciation, but motivate and inspire individuals to continue their contributions. Every year we produce hundreds of thousands of awards recognizing employees, sales teams, volunteers, board members, managers, Olympians, vendors, dealers, customers, citizens, doctors, lawyers, presidents, actors, donors, heroes, and everyday citizens…people doing amazing work, reaching above and beyond, attaining new goals, serving with purpose, and accomplishing what often seemed impossible. Organizations recognize teamwork, reaching goals, development, idea generation and creativity, contributions of time and money, innovation, improvement, dedication and commitment level, individual effort and a variety of other reasons. 

When you want to create some new award categories for your organization, you need to determine

  • What you will be measuring or rewarding
  • When or how often you'll give these awards out
  • How you'll gather the data to determine the recipients
  • What will be awarded
  • How you'll present them

Watch this short video about wording for your awards. Check out our products by clicking on "Shop Awards" from our home page for lots of award and gift options. For more information on creating a custom award, check out our custom awards pages.  Don't hesitate to call our team 800-753-3384 for some ideas and options, live chat with us, or email us

After twenty-five years, 14,000 customers, and over 125,000 projects, we've seen quite a few awards go through our facility.  All kinds of awards: sales, retirement, years of service, quality, membership, citizen, executive, management, and countless more. Awards, plaques, trophies and gift items are a great option for commemorating employee milestones, celebrating success, rallying the team, and thanking staff for their valued efforts. 

We Can Help With Wording Your Award Engraving

Here's more information on a variety of award categories for your organization:

Award Ideas and Wording Examples