Certification Award Ideas and Wording


Acknowledge when your staff, members, or facilities achieve certification.

Many organizations require specific certifications that must be acquired, maintained, or developed for future work. Whether it is certification for auditing, IT, Six Sigma, engineering, teaching, or any number of other specific industry specific requirements, individuals that have attained these kinds of specialized training are important to an organization. Certifications may also be an organizational level requirement, such as ISO 14001 or LEED, which have far reaching implications for a company and all its’ employees.

Certification awards may be given by a professional organization or by a company. They can recognize individual or company achievements. Additionally, some companies have created internal levels of certification; such as Gold, Silver and Bronze levels of Safety, Efficiency, Quality, or Production levels.

Sometimes these are smaller desktop awards that can displayed in an office or cubicle, or they are larger units displayed in a conference room or front lobby. Plaques are also an excellent option for school and managerial level certification awards. Art glass awards are often used by hospitals and health care facilities for their certification awards.

Most awards include the recipient or facility name, the type of certification achieved, and the year of achievement. As subsequent certifications are achieved, additional awards are given so that the recipient has a sort of “wall of fame” for their achievements.

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Certification Awards and Gift Wording.

Outline the basic information you'd like on the award, also known as the 5 W's.

The 5ws of Certification Award Wording

Here are some options to get you started. Call us if you need additional help.

1. Option for Wording your Certification Awards.

For demonstrating excellence in

(list of criteria)

Name of Facility or Person

Has earned the

Company Name

Level 111 Certification


2. Option for Wording your Certification Awards.

Company Name

Is proud to present

Recipient Name

With recognition for their achievement


Six Sigma Black Belt Certification


3. Option for Wording your Certification Awards.

Celebrating the

LEED Certification


Company Name


Another example of our ongoing

Commitment to be Good

Corporate Citizens and Stewards

Of the Resources Entrusted to Us.


4. Option for Wording your Certification Awards.


Presented to

Recipient Name

For Achievement of

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

Company Name

Facility Location

5. Option for Wording your Success Awards.

Presented to

Recipient Name


Achievement of

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)