Using Photographs in Your Awards

Submitted on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 9:57 am

We get lots of calls from organizations looking to create an award that uses a color photograph. Images may include people. products, or places:

  1. A new facility.Color Photography Makes Stunning Award Plaques
  2. A new product.
  3. A leadership team.
  4. The sales team.
  5. A project team.
  6. The top sales person.
  7. Employee of the year.
  8. A ground breaking ceremony.
  9. A special event.
  10. New or special equipment.

In many cases we will create a customized award using your photograph, organization logo, and award text to meet your budget and timeline requirements.  

For the best options on your particular project, we'll be happy to provide you with a quote to meet your requirements. Here's what we'll need to provide you with a quote.

  1. A copy of your image. Executive Award - Color Photograph Award Example
  2. A copy of your logo
  3. The text you'd like on the award
  4. The date of your event
  5. The quantity of awards that you need. 

Email our Awards Consultants.

There are a wide variety of ways that you can incorporate a color photograph into your awards.  Here are some ideas and options:

Color Photographs on a Plaque:

  1. Oxnard Plaque: The Oxnard Plaque incorporates a high gloss black plaque board, a silver or gold underplate, Oxnard Plaque - Full Color Printed Awardand a full color printed top plate. The plaque comes in wide variety of sizes (7" X 9" up to 12" X 15"). The plaque can be created horizontally or vertically.  This plaque is also a great option when you have a full color that you'd like incorporated in the plaque design.  The image, your logo and award text are all printed in full color on an aluminum plate.
  2. Tesla II Plaque: The Tesla II Plaque incorporates a high gloss black (or Rosewood) plaque board, a full color printed underplate, and a floating glass top plate.  Your image is printed on the aluminum underplate.  Your logo and award text are engraved on the floating glass top plate.
  3. Washington Plaque: The Washington Plaque is the perfect choice when you have an 8" X 10" photograph that you want to incorporate into your design.  The Washington uses a 12" X 15" cherry finish plaque board, an 8" X 10" slide-in frame for your photograph or certificate, and black and gold footer plate for your logo and award text.
  4. Executive Plaque: The Executive Plaque utilizes a high gloss rosewood plaque board and a 5" X 7" photo insert (with a silver or gold tone frame)  Below the photograph is footer plate where your award text can be engraved.  Above the photo Executive Plaque Award - Full Color Award Exampleis a header plate for engraving your logo.
  5. Full Color Plaque: The Full Color Plaque uses a black finish plaque board and a full color printed top plate for your image, logo and award text.  This plaque comes in a variety of sizes and can be hung vertically and horizontally.

Color Photograph in a Glass Award:

To create a glass award that uses your color photograph, we'll produce a full color print of your image on an aluminum sheet, and insert it between two panels of clear glass. These will then be mounted on a clear glass bottom so the award will stand. Your logo and award text are then engraved on the glass front panel.

You can incorporate several photographs to create a collage effect with this type of award.  The back side of the aluminum sheet can also be printed in full color, allowing you to create a very impressive award.  Glass Award Example with Full Color Photograph

Sizes for these glass awards start at a 4" tall and 3.5" side, and go up to an 10" tall and 8" wide version (vertically).  We can also create these awards to sit horizontally.

Tips for Awards that Use Full Color Photographs

  • Image resolution: 300 dpi minimum
  • Logo file: will need to be 300 dpi minimum if we are printing in color.  Will need to be a black and white vector file (.EPS or .AI) if we are engraving
  • Lead times: generally 2-3 weeks production time for most awards with color photography

Don't hesitate to call (800-723-3384) or email us with any questions you have about using a color photograph in your next award.