Awarding You has developed extensive manufacturing processes and controls that allow us to produce orders with quantities from one unit to several thousand units. 

Since our early days, we have focused considerable effort and resources on the development of our design, engineering, manufacturing, finishing, packaging and shipping capabilities to meet client requirements. This focus has provided us with considerable expertise for producing high quality products, fast turn around, flexibility to handle all size orders, and complex finishing requirements.

Through the years, we have expanded our facilities three times to meet the growing needs of our customers. These expansions have provided us with additional room for production equipment, warehouse and inventory space, additional sales and marketing staff, and expanded packaging and shipping departments. It is highly likely that we will be expanding several more times in the near future as we continually assess new technologies and expand to meet those new requirements.

Because our manufacturing facilities are flexible, we can offer services to meet any size order:

  1. Prototype and sampling needs
  2. Custom designed products
  3. Large volume runs
  4. Orders with a wide variety of products and finishing requirements
  5. Complex packaging requirements
  6. Multi-location global shipping requirements
  7. Palletized shipments

No matter what your requirements, Awarding You has the capacity and expertise to handle a wide variety of order types and sizes. And as your requirements grow and change, you can be assured that Awarding You will partner with you to meet those needs.