We have become successful by developing habits that instill a passion for quality in all aspects of our organization.

We've done this for a variety of reasons, but most importantly because we want to be known for supplying high quality products and service to our customers. We know that quality matters to our customers, and keeping our customers satisfied is central to our business.

To that end, all our departments, including customer service, design, manufacturing, purchasing, shipping, inventory, and accounting, have incorporated best practices and quality standards as part of their standard operating practices.

  • Customer Service: our customer service team strives for quick and consistent communication with customers for quotations, orders, and shipments. We strive to listen carefully to requirements and provide the best solutions available. We know our customers expect us to handle the details, make good choices for them, and we aim to provide a positive and memorable experience.
  • Design: our design team strives to provide exceptional product options for our customers. They are also focused on creating art proofs quickly and efficiently so customers can recheck spelling and layout to make sure they didn't overlook any important information before the product is produced. We archive art proofs on all jobs for at least five years, making it easy for clients to reorder the same products year after year.
  • Manufacturing: our inspection process ensures that our products are free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations. We have a strict commitment to process standards that achieve uniformity of our products in order to satisfy our customers’ expectations.
  • Purchasing: all raw materials and sub-assemblies are inspected upon arrival to insure that quality levels are consistent with our standards. While we are vertically integrated, we do rely on many vendors to continue to bring new and innovative options to us for consideration. From new materials, new machinery, and new methodology, we consider our vendors as partners in our pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • Shipping: we have achieved shipping quality level of less than .001% late shipments during the last 2 years. Careful attention to packing materials, box sizes, and a partnership with FedEx, allows us to provide exceptional quality shipping services to clients around the globe.
  • Inventory: Our inventory management system is designed to allow production and shipment of the majority of our products within a two week lead time, meeting over 80% of our customer needs. However, we also maintain a supply of materials which allows us to offer expedited product services for any client that requires product in a shorter lead time. Careful planning, ongoing analysis of usage, and business systems that supply updated inventory levels to production and customer service have been important components in maintaining a quality inventory system.
  • Accounting: Maintaining an efficient and accurate accounting process provides customers with information on their orders and account, and is important to all our departments for gathering information and analyzing our business.

By focusing on quality in every department, our customers can be assured that they are getting exceptional service and products from our organization.