Semi-custom & Custom Awards


Awarding You specializes in designing semi-custom and custom awards and gifts.

We design and produce hundreds of semi-custom and custom award designs every year. Whether it's one very special crystal award for an Olympic Presentation, or hundreds of glass awards shaped like a new product that was recently released, we help turn your award idea into reality.

Many of our stock award designs can be modified to meet special requirements. We might modify a design to create a smaller version of an existing award to provide a client with a special award for a new program. We might use the same components, but change the orientation or the color, to create a similar but different award for another department.

In the early 2000's, we designed a line of custom awards out of clear and black glass. At that time, there were no awards in the market with that design aesthetic. Trademarked as the CristaliqueTM and OptiqueTM lines, these awards became a huge success with corporate clients. These designs are still highly successful for us, almost 15 years later.

Typically full custom awards are unique shapes like – your logo, your building, one of your products, etc. Custom awards can be made in crystal, glass, art glass, recycled glass, wood and metal. Sometimes you need just one, sometimes you might need 1000 pieces…but you’re looking for something that is totally unique in shape.

Designing a custom award is easier than you think, and often less expensive than you’d expect….but it does generally take more time, so starting early is key. So when you're ready to look at a custom award for your team, contact us and call our Customer Service team at 800-753-3384 to discuss your wish list.