Customized Awards Made Easy – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Customized Awards Made Easy – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Oct 19th 2022

Your annual awards dinner is fast approaching. There's still so much to do... book the event space, meet with the caterer, coordinate travel for the… pause… it will have to wait; it's time for the staff meeting. Monthly reports are due this week, too. And the marketing department is still waiting for your input on that project. When was that budget meeting again? Customers are calling. Another team member is out sick? Oh no... you almost forgot—that thing at your daughter's school is today!? ...but, that deadline...

Deep breaths. We can help.

Sorry, we can't take your place at the weekly staff meeting (that free bagel is all for you!), but as for that upcoming awards event, we can make it easier than ever to scratch one important item off of your to-do list. Whether this is your first awards order or your fiftieth, we're here to be your partner—to ensure you get the exact awards you need, exactly when and where you need them, and make the whole process as easy and efficient for you as possible. If you're new to this and need a little extra assistance creating the perfect awards or finding the right words to inscribe, our team can help you with that. And if you're a seasoned awards planning veteran who knows exactly what you need—and what you need most is more hours in the day—well, we can offer you a bit of help in that department, too.

If you present awards with some regularity - whether you distribute them monthly, quarterly, annually, or a few awards at a time on an as-needed basis, then you deserve the VIP treatment!

You deserve the VIP Treatment

So, what do we mean by VIP? Very Important Partner? Of course you are! As an Awarding You customer, you are very important to us. But that goes without saying. At Awarding You, "VIP" stands for Value in Pre-Purchasing, and it's one of two (free!) services we offer to help you save time and money and keep your company awards program running smoothly.

Custom Branded Awards, Faster Turnaround, Lower Prices

At Awarding You, we're more than an awards supplier. With nearly 30 years in the business, an experienced design team, an expansive warehouse facility with our own in-house manufacturing and customization, on-site customer service, and more, we have built our business to be a full-service, one-stop-shop for customers of all types and sizes. Because we manage the whole process ourselves, start to finish, we're able to offer a wider variety of product and service options to meet every need and budget.

We guarantee satisfaction with every piece that we produce and are committed to delivering the best service in the industry. That commitment to always being the best means we are constantly working to expand our capabilities and are always looking for new ways to better serve our customers. Our VIP (or "Value In Pre-Purchasing") and Company Stores programs are two of the unique ways in which we are able to do just that—serve you better than ever before.

Both the VIP and Company Stores programs are designed for organizations that distribute similar styles of awards on a recurring basis. Whether you host a large annual awards banquet and present awards by the hundreds or a smaller scale employee recognition program in which you reward special achievements in small batches as they occur—or pretty much anything in between—these programs are for you.

VIP and Company Stores – Valuable Programs Designed To Work For You

The two programs work similarly. The framework and benefits are the same; the main difference is a matter of your work style preference—but we'll come back to that in a sec...

With both VIP and Company Stores, rather than order awards in specific quantities each time you need them, program members pre-purchase blank awards in larger batches in advance, to be housed on-site in our Awarding You warehouse. We will track and maintain your inventory at no additional cost to you. Each time you need a designated number of awards, we will pull the components from your pre-purchased stock, personalize each piece according to your instructions, and ship your completed awards to wherever you need them to go.

Program members benefit in a number of ways:

  • Lower prices. By purchasing an advance supply of awards materials, program members can qualify for volume discounts. The more you order at one time, the lower the cost per-piece, and the greater your overall savings.
  • Ease of Ordering. When you enter either a VIP or Company Stores program, your dedicated Awarding You account manager will work with you to create a member profile to establish as many details on your regular awards needs as possible, such as your logo(s) and branding, pre-approved art or custom design work, recurring award themes or categories, packaging and shipping preferences, and more. So, when it comes time to place an order, with your awards already pre-purchased and your key components on file, most of the time-consuming leg work is already out of the way. Simply confirm a few specifics, add your desired messaging and personalization, do a quick review, and you're good to go!
  • Speedier Deliveries. No need to worry about supply chain delays! With your pre-purchased materials on hand, we're able to get right to work customizing your awards any time you need to place an order. On average, VIP and Company Stores orders ship in about half the time–typically within 5 business days or less. And as always, rush processing and expedited shipping options are available upon request should a special need arise.
  • Helpful Reminders. In addition to keeping tabs on your available inventory, your account manager will also keep track of your known or forecasted future needs and will send you a reminder when it's time to place an order for an upcoming event, or to let you know when your inventory will soon need to be replenished.

The awards and gifts you receive as a VIP or Company Stores member will always be the same top quality products you have come to know and expect, simply ordered more efficiently. Your product selection will remain the same, as well. Members are free to choose from any of the products and materials we carry, from corporate plaques and trophies, to glass or crystal awards, and anything in between. And if you distribute multiple styles of awards with regularity – such as engraved glass plaques to recognize years of service, but crystal globe awards to commemorate top sales – we can set that up for you, too.

There are no added costs, no commitments, and no minimum order requirements. We designed these programs to be free and flexible so that any Awarding You customer looking for ways to maximize value and convenience will have options to do so. As a VIP or Company Stores program member, the amount of product you pre-purchase is up to you, as is the time frame in which you use it. Whether you want to start with 10 awards or stock up for the next 10 years, you can.

So, Which Program is Right for You?

While the VIP and Company Stores programs are nearly identical, the primary difference is all about how you prefer to work and interact.

As a VIP program member, you will work directly with a dedicated Awarding You account manager for any and all of your award needs. In addition to placing orders, your account manager will oversee your inventory and alert you when it's time to replenish. He or she will also help you keep track of key dates and check in with reminders if they haven't heard from you.

Company Stores allow you to work a bit more independently. With our Company Stores program, your Awarding You account manager will create a secure online "store" just for you. With this online access, designated users are free to login any time, from any location, to place customized orders from your pre-stocked inventory. Your online portal will also display your remaining inventory count, so you'll always know how many awards you have available and when you need to purchase more.

Company Stores are often a great option for larger organizations with multiple divisions, or companies with several independently managed branches or office locations. They also work well for customers who pull from their awards inventory more sporadically, rather than on a regular schedule.

Of course, choosing the independence of a Company Store over VIP doesn't mean you'll be completely on your own. You may not need your Awarding You account manager quite as much, but he or she will still be here keeping an eye on things, and will always available to assist you any time you need them.

If you are interested in learning more about how a VIP program or Company Store can benefit your organization, contact one of our awards consultants today at 800.753.3384 or by email at