Honor Retirees and Time Well Spent

Honor Retirees and Time Well Spent

Posted by Kathy Toynbee on Aug 11th 2020

As the U.S. population ages, so does her workforce.

With an average life expectancy of 79 years, many companies are seeing employees of average ages near fifty, hanging around water coolers or handing out ideas at weekly meetings. Whether this older workforce has been with a company for decades or months, their contributions are significant.

With the onset of that older staff, and with a changing workforce in the wake of COVID-19, many companies have recently seen the retirement of long term and valued employees in higher numbers than years prior.


Although some of these retirements were not long planned, retirees can and should be celebrated as they always have been according to a company’s history and tradition. Honoring these traditions, even during difficult times, goes a long way in building morale among remaining employees, especially those who may be approaching their own retirement years.

When recognizing employees who are retiring, it’s standard to take note of the years they have been with a company. At Awarding You, we think it’s equally (if not more) important to celebrate what was done and achieved by a leaving employee.


Focusing more on the actual deeds of an employee than on the number of years spent on those deeds, gives more meaning and context to the impact made on a company’s successes. By acknowledgement of tangible effort and effect, a company signals to employees who remain, that they too can be recognized for significant work when the time comes.

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Many retirement celebrations come with an annual event, such as a holiday gathering, or an end-of-year gala. It is during these celebrations that retirees are recognized and awarded gifts that can include trophies, plaques, clocks, watches and or special, lifetime trips! The award cost and choice should reflect the number of years and the magnitude of achievement an employee has made within a company or department.

When an employee retires quietly, or in response to a company need, it’s typical to not have a celebration. In lieu of an event, a company can still recognize the value and the tenure of an employee through a company announcement and the giving of a special award.


Awards that are presented to retirees should match the level of contribution an employee has given. These awards should evoke feelings of gratitude and thanks for jobs well done, or for sacrifices made during an employee’s time at a company. Adding personal notes, that apply specifically to an individual’s performance and career, will make that award more special and well loved as a memento of time well spent.

The sales team at Awarding You can help you choose just the right retirement award for your specific need, as well as help you with wording to make a recipient feel valued.  Contact us today for more information and ideas!