Our Most Popular Star-Shaped Awards

Our Most Popular Star-Shaped Awards

Posted by Stephanie Hastings on Jul 12th 2018

One of the most common requests we get from our corporate customers is for star-shaped awards. Our customers use these awards for so many reasons including:

Annual Customer Appreciation Awards – these are awarded each year to their customers or dealers who hit a certain level of sales in the previous calendar year. These awards are personalized with the level of sales reached such as the $1 Million Club Award and include more than one level of achievement. These types of programs are very well received by the recipients.

Annual Excellence Award – these are awarded each year to their top employees. In most cases these are ongoing annual formal programs in which our customer has a rigorous process for selecting the winner(s). These can have multiple categories (such as innovation or leadership) or levels and the winners are typically selected by an appointed group or review board following a nomination from a manager or peer.

Annual Star Performers Awards – these are awarded each year based on the performance of individual employees. The recipients are typically those who achieved the highest marks over the calendar year, quarter or other specified timeframe. These are common to recognize teams or individuals who had the largest sales numbers or who exceeded their quota by the greatest value.

We carry dozens of award products which include stars or are shaped like stars. Many of our products come in more than one size or in more than one color to help you create categories or levels in your award programs. Below are a few of our favorite and most-popular in this “star” category.  And don't forget we also can create custom awards if you have a star-shaped award idea of your own! Our design team will work with you on your concept, timeline, and budget. Contact us at 800-753-3384.

Soaring Optic Crystal Star Award Family
10", 12" and 14" tall
Star Shaped Awards - Soaring Crystal Star Tower Award

Cynosure Rosewood and Glass Award
9" high by 5.5" wide
Star Shaped Awards - Cynosure Rosewood and Glass Award

American Flag Full Color Plaque
Available in two sizes: 8"x10" and 9"x12"
Star Shaped Awards - Full Color American Flag Plaque

Jade Glass Star
5.25", 6", and 6.75" tall

Star Shaped Awards - Glass Jade Star Awards