Reward Stars & Take Business to Next Level

Reward Stars & Take Business to Next Level

Mar 16th 2020

Top companies need to be laser-focused on keeping customers happy if they want to succeed. What is the best way to keep customers coming back again and again? Encourage outstanding customer care by rewarding your Customer Service superstars who go above and beyond to keep customers happy, of course!

Strengthening customer relationships by providing best-in-class customer service keeps business going strong. Now more than ever, it's important to have highly trained Customer Service reps and recognize the employees who go beyond customer expectations.

Where would we be without Customer Service?

Many businesses today would describe themselves as customer-centric - doing business with a customer-focused approach. This approach is designed to follow the customer's experience and use that insight to make business decisions that improve and maintain customer satisfaction.

The purpose of this approach is simple; without great customer service, your business will lose customers. In fact, U.S. businesses will pay 17% more to do business with firms with a reputation for great customer service. Inversely, companies with a reputation for poor customer service fail to acquire and retain their customers.

Customer Service reps are key to the success of a business. With customer-centric goals, well-trained Customer Service specialists to exceed those expectations, your business can keep customer satisfaction and retention high.

What traits does a great customer service rep have?

Customer service professionals spend the majority of their workday communicating with the public. Because of this, one of the most important qualities that all exceptional Customer Service professionals have is superior communication skills. The best Customer Experience employees have a strong work ethic, patience, and are able to anticipate the nuanced ways they can go the extra mile to please their customers.

By anticipating customers' needs and leading with a willingness to serve, Customer Service specialists are the foundation to any customer-centic management model.

So, who are your Customer Service superstars? Does your company regularly motivate and encourage a customer-centric culture with achievable, customer-centric goals?

It's crucial for companies to track key performance indicators in the Customer Service department. These indicators are used to develop metrics-driven goals that are used to measure employee success as well as help determine the awards to give your customer service team.

Goals are unique to a company's overall service objectives, but some examples of metrics for a customer service team might be customer survey results, chat scores, number of calls, and successful issue resolution.

Finally, and importantly: are you recognizing your staff that outperforms?

Outstanding Customer Service Awards

Employee recognition is important, and we believe that companies should reward their customer relationship pros for stellar performance.

There are innumerable ways to recognize your employees – from general announcements to prestigious events – but few things are better to show appreciation than with a long-lasting award.

If you're looking for the perfect customer service award for your customer-centric business culture, consider a perpetual plaque or award that publicly celebrates past and present customer service achievements and tracks the number of times an individual or team has succeeded.

Perpetual plaques and awards are popular because they publicize individuals or groups who achieve their goals. A perpetual plaque is typically hung in a prominent spot in the office where people can see the recipients. Plates and blocks are added for each award recipient, so whether you recognize employees weekly, monthly, or annually, you just add new plates as needed.

Want to recognize employees with a more personal, individual award at your next event? With over 25 years of experience, we have designed hundreds of Customer Service awards in crystal, glass, and more.

What to say on a Customer Service Award?

When presenting your Customer Service superstars with an award, it's great to mention the ways that they have gone above and beyond, and the specific traits they have shown. For example, "Cathy has shown incredible empathy and social skills when helping customers on the phone. She is an amazing reflection of our company's core values and we're so lucky to have her."

Here's an example of how to structure your Customer Service Award Wording:

Company Logo
Customer Care Award
Presented to
Recipient Name
In Recognition of Your
Outstanding Customer Service

Need help coming up with some Customer Service superstar recognition ideas? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. You can call us at 800-753-3384, live chat with us, or email us at We hope to hear from you soon.