Can I get my logo in color?

Can I get my logo in color?

Posted by Awarding You on Mar 23rd 2018

The addition of color to your logo can be a really striking touch to your award program. There are lots of options for getting your logo produced in color on your awards. And in general we can recreate most logos in color by color-filling the engraved logo on your award. In order to do this, there are several things we’ll need to consider:

  1. What award(s) are you considering - glass, crystal, art glass? What are the award dimensions?
  2. What is the complexity of your logo, and how many colors? Where would you like the logo placed? How will it look?
  3. Are they standard color, or Pantone colors?
  4. What timeframe do you need the awards completed in?

It does take extra production time to complete your order with color fill, and there is additional cost due to the additional labor involved.

Sometimes the logos are too intricate to be able to engrave an area large enough to color fill.

Our graphic artists will review your logo with the manufacturing engineers to determine the best options for your award. We’ll product an art proof that indicates any recommended changes to the logo design to be able to color fill the areas. You may need to get your marketing team’s approval on the changes in order to proceed.

For more information on adding color to your awards, please call us 800-753-3384, or read more about the process in our How to Order Section.

Examples of color added to crystal and glass awards